Tea is one way to bring herbs into a daily practice. Whether it’s for your relaxing morning mindfulness practice or evening treat or health enhancing tonic, tea is a convenient and practical way to incorporate the healing benefits of herbs into your life.

Try this Hormone balancing herbal tea recipe


– 2 parts dandelion root
– 1 part chamomile flower
– 1 part chaste tree (vitex) berry or 1 part licorice

– 1 slice of fresh ginger root
– Honey to taste

Preparation methods:

– Prepare the first 3 x ingredents in bulk and keep in sealed container.
– Use approximately 1 spoonful of the herbal blend per cup of hot water
– Simmer for 5 minutes, add ginger root and simmer for another 5 minutes.
– Pour in cup & stir in honey (optional)
– Drink several (3-4) cups daily.