Latest inspiring Stories & tips – from women who are like yourself, experiencing hormone imbalance symptoms

Embracing Sexuality As You Age

So how is your sex life? How much has it changed over the years? What is sex really like for those over 40, or for those in their 50s, 60s and even 70s? While sex certainly doesn't stop as you age, it may change. There is no reason that intimacy and sex cannot be...

After 40: Women’s Nutrition, Metabolism and Supplements Needs

We’re all familiar with the concept of our bodies changing with age. Although it can be challenging to embrace, these changes can impact many aspects of our daily lives. Women over 40 face their own specific set of challenges. Changes in hormones, metabolism and...

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Recipes for “That Time of the Month”

Easy meal planning & recipes when you don’t feel your best There are so many more to explore!

Quick 2 ingredients comfort snack – Perkedel (Potato fritter)

If you are after a quick and simple recipe with ingredients that you definitely have at home, this is for you. This recipe is simplified vegetarian version of a popular Indonesian side dish/snack , called perkedel. The original version often include beef/pork mince....

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