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Latest inspiring Stories & tips – from women who are like yourself, experiencing PMS

Four Simple Changes You Can Make To Avoid Xenoestrogens

The Connection Between Chemicals And Hormones Did you know that chemicals found in our everyday environment can influence hormone balance? It might not seem like much when you only apply a few drops of moisturizer each time, but if you keep doing it every day for 10...

Love your gut, Balance your hormones

LOVE YOUR GUT, BALANCE YOUR HORMONES   Millions of people are living with symptoms of hormone imbalance such as infertility, irregular menstrual cycles, depression, anxiety, unexplained weight gain or loss, low libido, fatigue or sleep disturbance.  While there are...

New Nutrition Facts Label Helps Identify Hidden Sugars

Few months ago, me & my husband took a sugar free challenge after listening to this Slow Home Podcast. The aim of the sugar free challenge is to only consume food with less than 5% sugar per serving for a month. A big part of the challenge is to decipher food label....

Recipes for “That Time of the Month”

Easy meal planning & recipes when you don’t feel your best There are so many more to explore!

Hormone balancing herbal tea recipe

Tea is one way to bring herbs into a daily practice. Whether it’s a relaxing evening treat or a health enhancing tonic, tea is a convenient and practical way to incorporate the healing benefits of herbs into your life.Try this Hormone balancing herbal tea recipe...

Top 5 recipes using the super food MACA for women’s health

Benefits of Maca for Women As a superfood, Maca has many benefits including help boost energy, endurance and stamina. It replenishes iron and helps restore red blood cells, which aids anemia and cardiovascular diseases. Maca also promote healthy bones & teeth as well...

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