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Latest inspiring Stories & tips – from women who are like yourself, experiencing PMS

Kundalini Meditation and Breath of Fire

Kundalini energy is a form of Prana or life force energy. This energy is thought to lie dormant in the body. The kundalini energy is conceptualized as a coiled serpent lying at the base of the spine and can be awakened by various things. Kundalini energy can be...

10 Most Asked Questions About Natural Progesterone Cream

Natural progesterone is a steroid hormone which is produced by the corpus luteum of the ovary during ovulation. It is also created in less significant amounts by the adrenal glands. Most women naturally produce in their body approximately 20 to 30 mg of progesterone...

How to Fully Embrace the Concept of “Food as Medicine”

Hippocrates once said: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." We probably all aware that some foods are better for us than others, but how do we know which kinds of foods can be used as medicine? Hippocrates was ahead of his time, and most likely one of...

The Art of the Tea Ceremony and Mindfulness

If you aren't sure how to start your mindfulness journey, enjoying your morning cuppa in a more purposeful way might work wonder. Many of us have lost the ability to enjoy the moment. We rush through the morning to get somewhere. With all the rushing , we miss the...

Recipes for “That Time of the Month”

Easy meal planning & recipes when you don’t feel your best There are so many more to explore!

Quick 2 ingredients comfort snack – Perkedel (Potato fritter)

If you are after a quick and simple recipe with ingredients that you definitely have at home, this is for you. This recipe is simplified vegetarian version of a popular Indonesian side dish/snack , called perkedel. The original version often include beef/pork mince....

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