fresh organic vegetable with price tag
We all know that some foods are better for us than others, but how do we learn what kinds of foods can be looked at as medicine? Hippocrates once said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates was ahead of his
Tea ceremony for mindfulness
If you are wondering where to start in your mindfulness meditation journey, starting with your morning cup tea might work wonder. Many of us have lost the ability to enjoy the moment. We rush through the morning not thinking about what are doing. We miss
Woman sleeping for hormone balance
Did you know that the hours you sleep at night could affect your hormone balance, your thyroid, adrenals, and even your sex hormones? For women close to menopause, this relationship becomes even more important. According to the Sleep Doctor, menopause is driven by the decline
Woman bathing with lemon water
Why We Become More Acidic as We Age – Symptoms of Over Acidity How do you know if your body is overly acidic? What is the big difference between a more acidic body and an alkaline body? How does your body change as you age?
There are many advantages of being over 40, many called middle age. One of which is that we takes a lot more interest and thus have much better understanding of how our body works compares to when we were in our 20’s or even 30’s.


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